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What does it taste like?

Mix the daring creativity from 2 crazy guys living in Gent and Antwerp (the 2 best cities in the world) and add the knowledge of a 19th century Italian distillery who specialises in vermouth.  That is how we created Vreymouth, topped with the ambition to achieve the perfect aperitif.

Our vermouth is based on an Italian white wine, enriched with 100% natural fresh herbs and botanicals.

Then we let it rest, all to let you enjoy the enchanting flavour of Vreymouth.

Vreymouth Rosso

Think about a jazzbar with a scent of leather and cigars.


Packed with flavour from our fresh herbs and botanicals such as coriander, Madagascar vanilla, juniper, laurel, orange peel, and so much more. 

It wakes up every papillae on your tongue and leaves a very rich flavour in your mouth and heart.

Vreymouth Bianco
Think about enjoying a picnic in the south of France in full summer.


 Taste all the best from the mediterranean in our white vermouth.  Rosemary, thyme, oregano, lemon peel, and so much more. 

Take your time to enjoy it.

Bitter or sweet?
We don’t believe in extremes.  We wanted to create a flavour that appeals to as much people as possible.  This vermouth is ‘in between’, meaning it is neither too sweet, nor too bitter.  Both Rosso and Bianco leave an aftertaste that accentuates our fresh and natural botanicals.


Every time of the day

or the night is a good time

to drink Vreymouth.

Think of it as sex.

It can be drunk pure, on the rocks and it mixes perfect in a vermouth-tonic

(really, try it!). 

Or you can upgrade your 

cocktails, hell you can

even cook with it.

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Vreymouth vermouth quartier leonard 010.
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We are Jan from

Antwerp and Leonard

from Gent, 2 cocktail and

spirit aficionados. We have been

tasting and discovering flavours

for over 15 years.

In our quest for the perfect vermouth,

we decided to create our own.

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Vreymouth Tonic

75 % Vreymouth Bianco

25 % Tonic 


6 cl Bourbon 

3 cl Vreymouth Rosso

4 druppels angostura


4 cl Campari

4 cl Vreymouth Rosso

optional: soda

The Corpse Reviver

2 cl Vreymouth bianco

2 cl Gordon's gin

1 cl absint

2 cl Cointreau

2 cl sitroensap


3 cl Vreymouth Rosso

3 cl Campari

3 cl Gordon's gin

2 sinaasappelpartjes pletten in het glas.

Quartier Leonard

4/8 limoentjes, 5 blaadjes basilicum, rietsuiker kneuzen

4 cl Vreymouth Bianco

2 cl Gin

Crushed Ice

Canadian Shake


Keizer Karelstraat 124

9000 Ghent

Leonard Degezelle

0032 479 54 63 64

Jan Staelens (Antwerp)

0032 472 45 83 43

Tom De Bruycker (Brussels)

0032 484 84 71 88

Milan Boone (Ghent)

0032 473 26 54 38

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