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Bar Leonard



Learn to make delicious cocktails during one of our cocktail workshops. Enter the magical world of cocktail shaking and learn the skills of a real bartender. You will receive more than 2 hours of lessons in mixing and shaking the tasty drinks.


Course of the cocktail workshops

  • Presentation of bar and cocktails

  • Explanation of how to use the bar and supplies

  • Demonstration on applying professional working methods behind the bar

  • Fun facts about cocktails 

  • Learn to choose and prepare ingredients; follow the correct procedure to obtain the perfect taste and finish

  • Create your own cocktails

  • Team play: participants assist and help each other to create the right cocktails, perfect for team building

Gin Tonic workshops

Gin Tonic workshop

Are you looking for a cozy workshop where you want to learn something about the most popular drink of the moment? Gin lovers have come to the right place. Bar Leonard explains how to match the wright gin with the wright tonic, the origin, different styles and the botanicals. Starting from 10 people, you can organize a tasting with a passionate bartender who only serves premium drinks.


 The possibilities

  • Tasting of at least 7 different gins

  • Tasting of at least 5 different tonics

  • Blind tasting

  • From € 24.5 p.p.

  • Approx. 120 minutes


Premium Label Spirits

  • Bayswater

  • Bulldog

  • Botanic

  • Bombay Sapphire

  • Citadelle

  • Death’s Door

  • Geranium

  • Gin Mare

  • Hendrick’s

  • Monkey 47

  • N° 3

  • Saffron Gin

  • Tanqueray n° 10

  • The Duke

  • The London n° 1

quartierleonard bar gin tonic workshop G
quartierleonard bar gin tonic workshop G



We have the right mix of cocktails, bartenders and style for every private - or corporate event. We shake the most tasteful cocktails for you and your guests with original ingredients and the best premium drinks. The appropriate atmosphere is fully aligned with your event. An adapted bar, clothing, customized cocktail menu, - (possibly with alcohol-free cocktails) -, smoothies and healthy drinks. We guarantee to give you an unforgettable evening. 



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0032 479 54 63 64

Keizer Karelstraat 124

9000 Ghent

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